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Kamis, 07 Agustus 2014

End Stories Doraemon

           Told one day, Nobita came home and whined complained to Doraemon. But before long, he realized there was something wrong with Doraemon; favorite robot was just silent and did not answer the complaint. He was immediately called Dorami, Doraemon's sister, and asked for instructions from him. Dorami then told me that Doraemon proprietary battery runs out. Furthermore, Dorami explained that the robot cat Doraemon as the old version is supposed to have a battery backup memory support in the ear, but because Doraemon has lost his ears, he does not have backup power to keep the memory and memory. The only way to revive Doraemon is to replace the batteries, but it means that Doraemon will lose all memory of himself and his friends; including about Nobita.
At the same time, police time and making new rules prohibit "time travel" and blocking that seeks to bring Doraemon Nobita to be fixed in the future. Dorami then give you a choice: reckless-time police broke, fix Doraemon in the future and erase his memory or waiting for someone from the future come and fix Doraemon; Nobita choose the second way. Nobita-which was lost Doraemon- then promised to study hard for Doraemon. Nobita successful effort, three years later Nobita graduated from high school with the best value and being someone who is very popular in school. Nevertheless, the nature of the cheerful and optimistic Nobita lost, he became a kutubuku always aloof. Twenty-nine years later, told Dekisugi who has become president of Japan, held a reunion with Suneo and Giant. The three discussed the issue of "loss" Doraemon and on Time Paradox; a theory that explains that the history of the world can be changed with the creation of a time machine. and from conversations that exposed the reasons why not give permission patrol time to fix Doraemon Nobita in the future, because it itself is creating Nobita Doraemon. Once repaired, Doraemon has become the ears and yellow-colored, tightly hugged Doraemon. And they lived happily ever after

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