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Rabu, 23 Juli 2014

Hitori Kakurenbo hide and seek Ghost

      Hide and seek is a game since we were kids where one of the friends with whom we play close my eyes and rest seek hiding places to be discovered by friends who turn a blind eye. For some people hide and seek is still done by small children today. What about the people who've grown up? Of course they do not do this game. However, in Japan there is a friend game of hide and seek for adults called Hitori Kakurenbo but this game is said to really spooky because that was invited to play Ghosts.

Hitori Kakurenbo ritual is actually used in Japan to communicate with the spirits who haunt for various purposes, and the doll is used as a substitute for the human body as a medium. In Indonesia, this might be called the Crypt. But friends according to various sources that we can apparently no difference where it is mentioned that this kakurenbo Hitori make her doll can move and make noise sound. It was horrible.

Some people believe that this game is actually a ritual to invoke the existence of evil into your home. What do you actually call depending on sources, we heard some call demons, some others say you call spirits trapped on earth while others say that it is the ghost of someone who is condemned to fight, and finally, our favorite, that you make a reflection image of yourself. Anything that has to call into your home, as you tie it in a stuffed animal and possessing.

How to play hide and seek with the ghosts also varies, but we will make a list of every way that we have found so far.

     First of all players should prepare a doll, red thread, pieces of nails or a drop of blood, knives or other sharp instruments, rice, a glass of salt water, and an empty house. Empty house here means not a house is not habitable yes, but the house is only filled by people who want to play. So people who do not want to play there should not be there.
     Close all doors, windows, and blinds. Turn off all the lights.
     May be set to turn on the TV but only in static mode or screen ant
     Cut and remove the cotton dolls to include rice and nails or pieces of blood into it
     The dolls named
     Incision with red sewing thread. This thread is believed the Japanese culture as a symbol of human pulse
     Fill the tub or sink with water
     Say "(your name) so the first watch!" three times and then throw the doll into the water
     The rest do not we show however many posts on this already

Well this is where the horror story began. As long as you wait you will hear voices outside your hideout. The voices are usually in the form of heavy footsteps, the sound of the TV channels on the move, the sound shifted furniture, and others. In some videos also can be heard the sound of people laughing, threatening, and invited to come out of hiding. Various sources reminded to NOT come out of hiding!

Here you have to actually play hide and seek seriously, do not peek especially peered out. It is said that if the spirits are able to find you, he will stab you with a knife you used to stab the doll before. Some sources advise not to use the knife in this game, but the needle or sharp pencil so if you find that you suffer injuries not fatal. But some sources say that the stab wound should not you worry. If you managed to find your body will be taken over by the creature.

If you feel the game has begun to dangerous, do not ever stop the game with impunity! The game must be completed. Immediately enter the salt water into your mouth and take the rest remaining in the glass with you to where the doll. Some people say wait until no sound is heard or the sound of you being away from you. The point is to be sure the sound is not between you and place your doll.

Be careful, dolls are often already on the move, so you have to look for it. Remember to always keep the salt water does not spill or swallowed. Once you find a doll that you use immediately sprayed salt water in your mouth and that is in the glass to these dolls and shout "I win!" 3 times.

Cut the red thread on the doll and the doll burns it up. The game is finished.
In a LiveJournal exposed some reason to not play Hitori Kakurenbo. one of the first three players of this game disappeared, while two others reportedly experienced really 'weird'. A player is haunted by the spirits. When his friends took him to the temple, the priest there to talk to the ghost. Ghost roared: "This person called me and play with me brutally !! He stabbed me !! "as you can see, this is not a pleasant experience for the ghost as well. This game can make your mind scared to death and friends this game is a mixture of western and curse voodoo Japan.

Selasa, 22 Juli 2014

The story of Snow White


If when it snows and the queen was not sewing, Snow probably would not exist. Snow White's story begins at the time. Snow storm was going on when the queen was sewing. Whether because of fatigue or may not be accurate, the queen who is a hobby sewing punctured finger tangnnya suddenly. Blood was dripping on the snow in the crevices of the windows of his house.

Three drops of blood to make the snow white queen turned to red. When the middle of watching snow "bleeding", the queen is not trusted to get pregnant accidentally muttered. Murmured the queen, if blessed with a child, he wanted his future as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair black as ebony trees.

Murmur of prayer seems to be a queen. Shortly after he muttered, queen shocked by the news of her pregnancy. The queen had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. What is desired the queen granted. However, happiness was not long approached the queen and family. Shortly after birth, the queen died.

Snow White's suffering begins. When his father decided to marry again, the sadness seems to be a part of him. Snow White's stepmother was evil. He who has a magic mirror did not feel like beauty unmatched by anyone, including Snow White. Magic mirror which has always been at his side, the sudden glare, and admire the beauty of Snow White. Was unrivaled, Snow White's stepmother is always presented to her misery.

One day, The Queen, the name of Snow White's stepmother of plotting to kill Snow White in the woods. Knowing this, Snow White was running away. Finally, he arrived in a house in the woods. Snow White's house was found belonged to seven dwarfs. That's what protects the seven dwarfs from Snow White's evil plans of The Queen.

Know the Snow White is still alive, The Queen returned to something. This time, he has a plan that is quite genius. He was disguised as a seller of apples. Apples that have been given poison unknowingly eaten by Snow White. Snow himself was unconscious taksadarkan. Knowing this, the dwarves make efforts to resuscitate her daughter but all failed.

Snow White's dwarves and put in a box until one day there was a handsome prince was walking into the woods. See the beauty of Snow White, the handsome prince falls in love. In the end, that's a successful handsome Pengeran wake Snow White from a long hibernation. They married and the story ends happily.

Naruto and the meaning of friendship

Naruto is the story of the anime (cartoons) from Japan which are many in the favorite by all generations from children to adults. At first I was surprised to see a friend in my office who are so interested in anime from Japan it. It turns out that while at home Leo and Jessy was also fascinated with the Naruto cartoon aired by Global TV. Leo became a huge fan of Naruto, bags, pencil cases, clothes, bed sheets, bed covers all pictorial Naruto, even hamster named Naruto and Sakura. I was forced to succumb not watch this movie because Leo and Jessy has always been a loyal audience of this event. It turned from feeling forced at last I come to enjoy this event. In fact I also use a key ring with the key figures Sasuke for office (shed).
From the film I saw, and follow one of the most prominent addition to the story about the adventures of ninja moves and the friendship between Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. In the film The Sazuke tell how Naruto and friends at the same time compete with each other. They both always trying to be the most powerful ninja in Konoha. While the figure of Sakura told as a mediator between Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry. At the beginning of the story Sasuke is a good student and quiet while Naruto is a student who is not good at (especially in learning things), and tend to ignore the rogue, strangely Naruto ninja always managed to increase his knowledge and become more powerful than one college friends.
Long story short, Sasuke became very jealous of the ability which is owned by his friend Naruto. They both often seen openly started fighting each other and dropping. Sasuke finally decided to come out of college where he was studying to become a ninja in Konoha, and joined the enemy or opponent of his college. Sasuke initially kidnapped by men of Orachimaru (people who have been killed Hukage to-3, a top leader in Konoha where Naruto and his friends live and learn the science ninja). It turned out that after the persuasion that Sasuke will be made very powerful ninja Sasuke finally volunteered to follow the flow of his captors and joined college Orachimaru a powerful sound.
Naruto knows that Sasuke joined Orachimaru very, very sad and he tries hard to be aware of Sasuke and return to the right path because the science ninja Sasuke is learned by misguided science or black magic. Unfortunately, Sasuke has a grudge against her own brother who had been killed Hitachi entire family (including his father and mother) that he joined on his own Orachimaru ninjanya that science becomes more intense and can take revenge. When Naruto finally managed to meet up with Sasuke, they both engage in a very fierce battle. The science ninja Sasuke is getting great and almost equivalent to the science Kyuubi (nine tailed weasel) Naruto belongs. But Sasuke still did not want and refuse the invite back to Konoha by Naruto. Naruto is very disappointed with the rejection of Sasuke and continue to force myself to keep looking and persuade Sasuke. So great was the sense of camaraderie that is felt by Naruto until he is willing to sacrifice and do anything to regain his friendship with Sasuke.
I thought how ridiculous a Naruto's best friend Sasuke because he wanted to change the clear and outright reject it. Coercion which I think will be in vain. Until this story was written Naruto anime and movies still in production. I myself do not know whether in the end Naruto and Sasuke will return friendly.
This story reminds me sometimes back to the meaning of a friendship. Will we retain our friend in case our companions have been driven into the black valley, would we forgive our friends and take it back if we err and friends betray us? This question may be easy to be answered but it may also be difficult to answer. Back to the conscience of each of us interpret the meaning of each of our friendship.
Small note: Leo once said that Joseph was a true friend, indeed they were always playing together since early childhood. Joseph was the one who had helped Leo and carry him from the field where he played up to the house when your feet hit the barbed wire Leo and bleed, causing the incident Leo could not walk home without help others. The incident really made an impression on the heart of Leo. I hope that Leo and Joseph will always be friends until they mature later.

Senin, 21 Juli 2014

Paula and I

Paula and I met in the first grade. Since her last name was Brent and mine was Berneathy, she sat behind me. We were both shy and had nothing to say to each other until the day she asked to borrow my ruler

            We lived in a small town in southern Oklahoma where money was scarce, and my six-inch red plastic ruler was a valued possession. Reluctantly, I loaned it to Paula--and she kept it for too long, or so it seemed to me. I turned around to take it back, but Paula wasn't through with it. I grabbed, she held on...the ruler broke.

            I cried. She cried. I blamed her, and she blamed me.

            And, in the manner of six-year olds, from that day forward, we were inseparable, the best of friends.

            As the years passed, we spent many nights at each other's houses, whispering the night away about our plans for the future. We were going to move to a big city and be room-mates in a gorgeous apartment. I would be a writer, and she would be an artist. She would illustrate my books, and we would both be rich and famous. When we were older, probably around twenty-five, we would marry and live next door to each other and be aunt to each other's children.

            When we were ten years old, we saw an episode of "Lassie" in which Timmy and his friend pricked their fingers and became blood brothers. Paula came home with me the next evening. We dug a hole in the hard earth out behind my family's weathered old barn, took a thorn from the locust tree and pricked our thumbs, joining our blood. We buried the thorn, each adding an item we prized, as the friends on "Lassie" had done. Paula contributed her dime-store set of water colors, and I added a paper back book. Our most valuable possessions--but not as valuable as our friendship.

            Then life intruded. When we were fourteen, Paula's father took a job in Dallas. Their last stop on the way out of town was my house. I stood in middle of the dirt road, waving and crying while Paula looked out the back window of the car, waving and crying.

            Still we stayed in touch, writing letters regularly. Still we planned. As we neared high school graduation, we swore that we'd move to Oklahoma City and get that apartment together.

            But Paula got married and had a baby. I married, too, and convinced my husband to move to Dallas. For years our friendship continued even though our dreams had fallen by the wayside. Paula became a nurse, and I a legal secretary. I wrote short stories and poems and shared them with her, and she painted me a picture of the old barn where our thorn lay buried

            The years flew by. Then while we were both going through divorces, during the confusion and turmoil, we lost touch. Paula moved, changed jobs, remarried, got a new name and phone number.

            I remarried and moved to Kansas City, but I didn't know how to reach Paula to tell her. When my new husband and I bought a house, I hung her picture of our barn over my bed and wondered if I'd ever again see her. Her parents were both dead, and my mother was becoming senile, rarely remembering my phone number or address. Short of hiring a detective, I didn't know how I would ever find my friend again.

Often I looked at the picture, thought of my friend and wondered if I'd ever see her again.

            But behind the scenes, the magic spell of that thorn was working. Our childish sacrifices of prized possessions must have touched some angel's heart.

            Several years later I got a phone call and heard a familiar voice.
"Do you know who this is?"

            Of course I knew. I cried. She cried.

            She told me that she'd called my mother twice and been given wrong phone numbers both times. She'd almost given up, but decided to try one more time...and caught my mother in a rare moment of lucidity

            Now Paula's back in Oklahoma, and I live in Missouri. We see each other every summer and call each other regularly.

            During the years we'd lost touch, she had another, unexpected, child...a girl, named after me.
            A girl who calls me "Aunt."


  "Hmm," terllihat a woman writhing on the bed. He changed into a sitting position. He took a deep breath and looked at the large window on the left of his bed. Dark. There is only the moon and stars adorn the night kelamnya. There was the sound of water in contact with the ground on a regular basis. Peaceful and soothing melody. He glanced at the digital clock next to it contained. "Sigh, I wake up at midnight again," he muttered after seeing the show at 02:36 hours. Already a habit the past few days to get up late at night. He does not mind again and started walking towards the window to sit there. Getting rid of the curtains and opened it. Looking at the pouring rain. Also breeze hit her face.

He closed his eyes, trying to enjoy the whole. The memories flashed dibenaknya again. Music. Smile. Dramatic events under the heavy rain. Where all people prefer to take shelter rather than against the cold wind. Tears were fused with rain water. Flowing and falling to the ground. Spoken promise that even he did not know how to implement it.

Sorry and Thank You
9 years ago ...

There were two girls who were eating lunch under a big tree. They are busy chatting and occasionally laughing. The smile always graced the faces of the two girls. The big tree is a silent witness of their familiarity. Bükk !! A ball hit one of the girls.
"Terra, you're not what hurt? Who kick this ball ?!" long-haired girl cried. "I'm not all right, Sher. Relaxed wrote. Least they are not intentionally." responsible person named Terra with a smile. "Yes. Hence if careful play ball dong!" Shera gave a sharp look to a group of boys that before throwing the ball at them. Shera back to sit next to Terra. Have exhausted their stock, but they still want to sit under the tree.
"Um, Ter, if you want to be what you grow up?" asked Shera. His eyes looked cloudy sky as if imagining what he would do when he was an adult.
"I do not know," said Terra is also looking at the sky. "I had never dreamed I would be a singer because I love to sing." Further Terra. "You can sing? Try dong, you're singing! I've never heard of!" Shera said enthusiastically as he stared at Terra.
"Eh? Aku..aku just like to sing. Means my voice is not good." Shera menyerngitkan eyebrows. "It's okay! I just wanted to hear! Mentertawakanmu I will not! I also want to be a famous violinist! Later, when you grow, we duet yes!" Shera invite excited. Terra smiled and nodded slightly. "Promise?" Shera asked as he showed little finger. "Yes. ... I promise," Terra replied while hooking their little finger.

He felt his shoulders swaying by someone and heard the faint sound of the person. "-Ra, Let's wake up. Today was day, ya! Ter .., Terra," Terra menyerngitkan forehead and slowly opened his eyelids. He blinked his eyes a few times and started to stand up from his seat. "Mm, Raysha. What time is it?" Terra asked. "At 7 am! There baths, keeps us straight to the Beethoven Easter Festival." Raysha said, nudging his shoulder Terra again. "Iya..iya," Terra walked slowly to the bathroom.
After wearing a pretty outfit which he deserved, he walked out to meet Raysha being breakfast. "Well, you're pretty enough to wear it," said Raysha are not ditanggap by Terra. They proceed breakfast with silence and a few words from Raysha. "Come on," urged Terra Raysha followed.
Shortly after they arrived at the Royal Palace and the Philharmonic Concert Hall, Beethoven Easter Festival begins. Sounded famous classical songs played by 30 musicians from around the world.
"Ah, Sorry," said Raysha when accidentally nudging people there. "Never mind," replied the man. "Ray, there" Terra speech stopped when he saw who was in close Raysha today. "Oh, Terra. Earlier I accidentally nyenggol this person." Rayshapun ignoring words.

Terra's eyes widened. "Shera?" Terra asked softly. People who are referred to as Shera menyerngitkan eyebrows sign him confused and surprised. "You are from Indonesia?" Ask that person happy. A smile appeared on her beautiful face it. "You ... do not remember me?" Terra asked sadly. "What do you mean I did not recognize you. Could you think I Shera?" asked the man behind. Her face turned sad. Terra looks more and more confused by her words. 'Shera does not he?' His mind. Raysha who do not know anything just quietly watching them both.
"Aku..saudara sister," the man said softly. The new Terra would say something to the girl spoke again. "You must ask him why he did not tell you? Used to our parents divorced. Shera taken care of by our fathers, and I was raised by a mother. Oh yes, I have not mempekenalkan myself. I Sahla," The person who is named Sahla trying to smile. He held out his hand and held by Terra. "Terra," Terra replied briefly. He forced himself to smile.
"Shera ... is dead." and Terra can not help feeling the shock. A few drops of tears that melted past the cheek. He even has not kept his promise to duet with Shera. And he has not apologized to Shera. Memories will be parting with Shera again filled his mind.

6 years ago ...

In the hall of a school looks very crowded these days. Seeds of Hope junior ballroom, where school is Shera Terra and hold events. Farewell gathering at the same graduation class of 29 in the junior Seeds of Hope. All of the parents who came to see her smiling emotion has graduated from junior high school. Terra saw friends of his contemporaries were familiar talk with their parents. To be honest, he was jealous. His parents even prefer to take care of their companies abroad rather than visit the graduation ceremony. Duk .. Someone touched his shoulder hard. He knew it was a habit Shera. He turned and saw Shera looked at him with a sincere smile. "Do not keep looking at them like that. Your parents must have a good reason for it. Rank 4 I hear you contemporary loh ..." Shera selal know how to entertain Terra. He teased Terra constantly embarrasses him.
"All right, guys, we arrive at our next event. Event Talent every class!" And audible cheers and applause from the students. "Ssstt .. Yesterday when you did not enter, our class was told to choose who will attend this talent show. Because no one wants, I propose you as a singer, and they all agree." Shera whispered to Terra. Terra felt his heart pounding groggy and cold sweat dipelipisnya. "A..Apa?" Terra softly. "And then of class 9.3!" exclaimed the host. "Terra! Terra! Terra! Terra! Terra!" menyorakan all students from the class name. No exception Shera. Terra in dirong developed by Shera on stage. He made ​​his way up the stairs to the stage with shaking.
"Well Shera, written here you will be singing. What will you sing?" Asked the host. "Aku..aku..aku will sing ... emm. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!" Terra said doubtfully. "Why did you choose that song?" asked the host again. "Karena..karena .. the song was reminiscent of childhood. So we will not forget our childhood even though they had grown up." Terra said doubt. "Well let's get started! 1! 2! 3!" various musical instruments began to beep. However, Terra never sing. He grabbed the mic tightly. Until berhentipun music he never sang. All stared in wonder at him. Especially Shera. He ventured to speak. "Aku..aku..aku can not!" Terra said sadly. Tears started streaming down her face. "Terra .." muttered Shera. Terra immediately dropped the mic and ran out of the school hall.

Because the music is too loud inside, he did not know that the state's raining outside. In desperation, he broke through heavy rain. "Terra!" someone shouted. Terra stopped and turned around. There Shera walking toward him without bringing an umbrella. Desperate to break through the rain like Terra. "Why, Why do not you show your talent Terra?" rain soaked both. "Karena..aku can not! I can not sing!" Terra said resignedly. "You can sing.
But you would not show it. "Said Shera." From the beginning you want to sing. Your heart says you want to sing. It's just, you're too scared to try it. Too insecure! You're destroying our keparcayaan. Unreliable. "Shera said sharply." From the beginning I did not want to do it! You asked me without asking my consent! I'm ... I'm afraid! Aku..tak bisa..Aku can not do it. "Said Terra." Well ... I can not ... I can not be friends denganmu..Aku can not be friends with a loser! "Shera very last sentence hurt him. cries broke out simultaneously with Shera who stepped away from him. tears were indistinguishable even with rain water. He continued to stand there staring at the gate sekolahannya. Nobody see him again. Nobody. rains that accompany crying only. And the wind that blows as the heart cools Terra.

He blinked his eyes a few times and realized that now he is in his room. "Are you awake?" Raysha asked softly. He nodded weakly and hoped that what had just happened was just a dream. "What was ... I passed out?" Terra asked. Raysha smiled softly and nodded. "Then everything was really happening. What does it say when I fainted?" Raysha looked down for a moment and replied, "Well if you want to know. Sahla said Shera died 6 years ago." Terra's eyes widened again. Mean ... "He died the day after graduation. He wants to give you a letter as a sign of apology., But he would prefer to save a little boy who was in the middle of the highway. He wants to give it to you," Raysha menyodokan white envelope has been matted and somewhat dirty.
'Hi, Terra. I know what I said yesterday is too excessive. I just want to raise your self-esteem. I was wrong. I should have asked for your opinion before acting. I've heard your voice on the recording of your HP. Great voice, Terra! Very nice! Why do not you just sing anyway.

You know, all the students in our class feel guilty tablets, with you! I hope you will forgive them and also me. I accidentally said my apology through this letter because I was embarrassed to see his deep happened yesterday. I feel unworthy of forgiveness. Hehehe ... I'm sorry and the other yes? :) '

Terra shed tears in silence. Inaudible sobs. 'Suppose you know Shera, I've already forgiven even I thank you. After that incident, I changed into a girl brave and confident. Thank ya ... I also apologize for once not reliable and have made ​​you ashamed. You know ... now that I've become a famous singer and one another. I'm sorry I can not promise we Implemen .. 'And Terra sincere smile. The first genuine smile this time he gave.


Cerpen Persahabatan   Since that meeting, Rere and Devan started friends. they met accidentally try to be familiar with each other, understand each other and live a meaningful day. Pesahabatan with such close proximity that makes them increasingly recognize the importance of this relationship.

Shortly thereafter, Rere should go away. Indeed, my heart is very heavy for this, but what can not be helped. Last meeting took place very sentimental, playful look that began to vanish wrapped with deep sorrow.

Rere: "Van forgive me for all the mistakes I've ever done, yes." When I said he was standing right in front of me.

"You do not ever one Rere, all that you've done for me was more than enough." Said Devan

Rere: "pleace, please do not forget it I, Van"

Devan: "ok, you do not have to worry." Just then my car drove slowly leave the sweet creature.

I see from where I sit in the sting was lost. If later we reunited I want to devote all her Rinduku flavor. It was a promise that I will always remember. Last sweet voice that gives me hope.

Initially their friendship went smoothly, although they have be distant residence. At one point, the mother rere asked about his new friend.

"Who the hell makes you so unhappy creature, Rere?" Asked the mother while being engrossed rere chatingan with Devan.

Rere: "This, ma. His name is Devan. We met yesterday during the long vacation. "

"What handsome sich to make a mama's boy so like this?" Says his mother

Rere: "also does not know ma, deh certainly cool, but do not papah right, Ma I'm friends with him.?"

"What do you mean talking like that?"

Rere: "Our different religions, Ma"

"Hah ??," mama moment Rere surprised to hear the story. But he tried to cover up the taste resahnya. Rere know exactly what is in the mind of her mother, she certainly was not approving of this tangle. But Rere try to give a clear reason to it.

The day after that conversation, I have encountered no more be heard of Devan, Rere had time to think of what he knows of this problem,,? I try to start a conversation via SMS ..

"Ya do not have long to meet? How nech reportedly,,? "

The message was directed to him, Rere really remember when the receiving report. My hours waiting for a reply from him. But I do not see my hp rang up Rere asleep in him. I never thought Devan did not reply to SMS her again.

I never thought turns my mama always looking appearance that is increasingly withered. said RERE

"Rere, sorry mama yes, but you should know this. Stay away from the boy, do not you ladeni again. "Mama's voice when it's really a surprise rere. rere tried to capture its meaning. But really bitter taste.

"What mean mama?" Said rere

Mom: "You should really be friends with him, but you must remember mama message. Keep your distance, do not get too close. Mama afraid you will be disappointed. "

rere: "mama say fuck paan,? I further do not understand. "

mama: "one day you will understand speech mama" mamapun leave me alone .. I'm trying to think tenteng words. When I knew this life was shocked at her .. do not feel tangispun rampant and streamed down my cheeks. Mama completely different religions and we should not unite like this. but I remember the memories of when we were together.

One year has passed, a shadow of it is still unclear at haitku teikat. I can not forget it. Maybe someday realize how valuable the devan rere nutuknya.

One hope of his heart is to see him and begged the reason why he went from life as soon as it is without telling mistake to make rere rere hurt.

Rere regret ever meeting. But rere devan realize how meaningful in his life. Laughter living history was still visible on his mind and will always be remembered in the life story rere seasoning.

Devan, you are my best friend proud. I'm waiting for your stories again. At any given time I will faithfully wait. Until you come back again undergo our stories berdua.kata rere


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Four Gang

Gang of Four is Adi, Rani, Tomi, Indra. There should be an exciting adventure.
Send this about the adventures of four gangs occurred during the school holidays.

This adventure started when we plan for the school holidays adventure to fill the school holidays, sunny morning arrived Adi, Tom and Rani to go
. Travel time starts on the way
Rani: Please Adi ......
Adi: Do you put the hurt ????
Rani: I think I injured leg ..
Adi: I treat here soon

Tomi and Adi said Indra proceeded to the red peak, where they would stay the night. Adi promised that he, Indra will follow there. Then they went to the top of the red. Unfortunately, it was dark and raining. They almost got lost, but eventually they find a house they thought the red peak. Indra sleep at home, but Tom had to sleep outside the house because the owner of the old lady does not allow two people to sleep in the house. When Tomi almost asleep, suddenly heard a voice calling her name outside the window. When Tom approached, the man was a strange and creepy man seemed then threw a small paper with text and images are not clear. Tomi confused and fell asleep again. Not long after, someone broke into the warehouse. Looks like he was waiting for someone. The next morning, Tom met with young homeowners. The man then drove Tomi. Indra's Tomi and finally out of the house.

Along the way, they met a boy and asked him about the house. Apparently, the house was not the highlight of the Red, but the home pack and his son muttered. If they want the top of the red, they have to pass through two river Once there, they meet with Adi and Rani, Rani has been recovered. Tomi and his experience last night. They tell people to give a message to Adi is a convict who escaped, because last night there was an escaped convict. They plan to report to the police station in the village Rancow. Unfortunately, when they reported to the police do not believe their reports and said that the prisoner had been arrested again. Four Famous annoyed expression and then go to the unfriendly attitude of the police.
Once there, they live in the cellar of a house that had been burned. When morning comes, they come back to this trip. They estimate that there are treasures in it.
The next storyline was predictable. Gang of Four finally find the treasure. Certainly not easy to find a lot of obstacles to get the treasure. Four Gang then went to the police station and told him everything. Property immediately returned to its owner, the Queen Vanilie
This story about heroism, courage, trust, friendship, ingenuity and determination in this story .