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Selasa, 22 Juli 2014

Naruto and the meaning of friendship

Naruto is the story of the anime (cartoons) from Japan which are many in the favorite by all generations from children to adults. At first I was surprised to see a friend in my office who are so interested in anime from Japan it. It turns out that while at home Leo and Jessy was also fascinated with the Naruto cartoon aired by Global TV. Leo became a huge fan of Naruto, bags, pencil cases, clothes, bed sheets, bed covers all pictorial Naruto, even hamster named Naruto and Sakura. I was forced to succumb not watch this movie because Leo and Jessy has always been a loyal audience of this event. It turned from feeling forced at last I come to enjoy this event. In fact I also use a key ring with the key figures Sasuke for office (shed).
From the film I saw, and follow one of the most prominent addition to the story about the adventures of ninja moves and the friendship between Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. In the film The Sazuke tell how Naruto and friends at the same time compete with each other. They both always trying to be the most powerful ninja in Konoha. While the figure of Sakura told as a mediator between Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry. At the beginning of the story Sasuke is a good student and quiet while Naruto is a student who is not good at (especially in learning things), and tend to ignore the rogue, strangely Naruto ninja always managed to increase his knowledge and become more powerful than one college friends.
Long story short, Sasuke became very jealous of the ability which is owned by his friend Naruto. They both often seen openly started fighting each other and dropping. Sasuke finally decided to come out of college where he was studying to become a ninja in Konoha, and joined the enemy or opponent of his college. Sasuke initially kidnapped by men of Orachimaru (people who have been killed Hukage to-3, a top leader in Konoha where Naruto and his friends live and learn the science ninja). It turned out that after the persuasion that Sasuke will be made very powerful ninja Sasuke finally volunteered to follow the flow of his captors and joined college Orachimaru a powerful sound.
Naruto knows that Sasuke joined Orachimaru very, very sad and he tries hard to be aware of Sasuke and return to the right path because the science ninja Sasuke is learned by misguided science or black magic. Unfortunately, Sasuke has a grudge against her own brother who had been killed Hitachi entire family (including his father and mother) that he joined on his own Orachimaru ninjanya that science becomes more intense and can take revenge. When Naruto finally managed to meet up with Sasuke, they both engage in a very fierce battle. The science ninja Sasuke is getting great and almost equivalent to the science Kyuubi (nine tailed weasel) Naruto belongs. But Sasuke still did not want and refuse the invite back to Konoha by Naruto. Naruto is very disappointed with the rejection of Sasuke and continue to force myself to keep looking and persuade Sasuke. So great was the sense of camaraderie that is felt by Naruto until he is willing to sacrifice and do anything to regain his friendship with Sasuke.
I thought how ridiculous a Naruto's best friend Sasuke because he wanted to change the clear and outright reject it. Coercion which I think will be in vain. Until this story was written Naruto anime and movies still in production. I myself do not know whether in the end Naruto and Sasuke will return friendly.
This story reminds me sometimes back to the meaning of a friendship. Will we retain our friend in case our companions have been driven into the black valley, would we forgive our friends and take it back if we err and friends betray us? This question may be easy to be answered but it may also be difficult to answer. Back to the conscience of each of us interpret the meaning of each of our friendship.
Small note: Leo once said that Joseph was a true friend, indeed they were always playing together since early childhood. Joseph was the one who had helped Leo and carry him from the field where he played up to the house when your feet hit the barbed wire Leo and bleed, causing the incident Leo could not walk home without help others. The incident really made an impression on the heart of Leo. I hope that Leo and Joseph will always be friends until they mature later.

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