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Rabu, 23 Juli 2014

Hitori Kakurenbo hide and seek Ghost

      Hide and seek is a game since we were kids where one of the friends with whom we play close my eyes and rest seek hiding places to be discovered by friends who turn a blind eye. For some people hide and seek is still done by small children today. What about the people who've grown up? Of course they do not do this game. However, in Japan there is a friend game of hide and seek for adults called Hitori Kakurenbo but this game is said to really spooky because that was invited to play Ghosts.

Hitori Kakurenbo ritual is actually used in Japan to communicate with the spirits who haunt for various purposes, and the doll is used as a substitute for the human body as a medium. In Indonesia, this might be called the Crypt. But friends according to various sources that we can apparently no difference where it is mentioned that this kakurenbo Hitori make her doll can move and make noise sound. It was horrible.

Some people believe that this game is actually a ritual to invoke the existence of evil into your home. What do you actually call depending on sources, we heard some call demons, some others say you call spirits trapped on earth while others say that it is the ghost of someone who is condemned to fight, and finally, our favorite, that you make a reflection image of yourself. Anything that has to call into your home, as you tie it in a stuffed animal and possessing.

How to play hide and seek with the ghosts also varies, but we will make a list of every way that we have found so far.

     First of all players should prepare a doll, red thread, pieces of nails or a drop of blood, knives or other sharp instruments, rice, a glass of salt water, and an empty house. Empty house here means not a house is not habitable yes, but the house is only filled by people who want to play. So people who do not want to play there should not be there.
     Close all doors, windows, and blinds. Turn off all the lights.
     May be set to turn on the TV but only in static mode or screen ant
     Cut and remove the cotton dolls to include rice and nails or pieces of blood into it
     The dolls named
     Incision with red sewing thread. This thread is believed the Japanese culture as a symbol of human pulse
     Fill the tub or sink with water
     Say "(your name) so the first watch!" three times and then throw the doll into the water
     The rest do not we show however many posts on this already

Well this is where the horror story began. As long as you wait you will hear voices outside your hideout. The voices are usually in the form of heavy footsteps, the sound of the TV channels on the move, the sound shifted furniture, and others. In some videos also can be heard the sound of people laughing, threatening, and invited to come out of hiding. Various sources reminded to NOT come out of hiding!

Here you have to actually play hide and seek seriously, do not peek especially peered out. It is said that if the spirits are able to find you, he will stab you with a knife you used to stab the doll before. Some sources advise not to use the knife in this game, but the needle or sharp pencil so if you find that you suffer injuries not fatal. But some sources say that the stab wound should not you worry. If you managed to find your body will be taken over by the creature.

If you feel the game has begun to dangerous, do not ever stop the game with impunity! The game must be completed. Immediately enter the salt water into your mouth and take the rest remaining in the glass with you to where the doll. Some people say wait until no sound is heard or the sound of you being away from you. The point is to be sure the sound is not between you and place your doll.

Be careful, dolls are often already on the move, so you have to look for it. Remember to always keep the salt water does not spill or swallowed. Once you find a doll that you use immediately sprayed salt water in your mouth and that is in the glass to these dolls and shout "I win!" 3 times.

Cut the red thread on the doll and the doll burns it up. The game is finished.
In a LiveJournal exposed some reason to not play Hitori Kakurenbo. one of the first three players of this game disappeared, while two others reportedly experienced really 'weird'. A player is haunted by the spirits. When his friends took him to the temple, the priest there to talk to the ghost. Ghost roared: "This person called me and play with me brutally !! He stabbed me !! "as you can see, this is not a pleasant experience for the ghost as well. This game can make your mind scared to death and friends this game is a mixture of western and curse voodoo Japan.

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