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Selasa, 22 Juli 2014

The story of Snow White


If when it snows and the queen was not sewing, Snow probably would not exist. Snow White's story begins at the time. Snow storm was going on when the queen was sewing. Whether because of fatigue or may not be accurate, the queen who is a hobby sewing punctured finger tangnnya suddenly. Blood was dripping on the snow in the crevices of the windows of his house.

Three drops of blood to make the snow white queen turned to red. When the middle of watching snow "bleeding", the queen is not trusted to get pregnant accidentally muttered. Murmured the queen, if blessed with a child, he wanted his future as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair black as ebony trees.

Murmur of prayer seems to be a queen. Shortly after he muttered, queen shocked by the news of her pregnancy. The queen had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. What is desired the queen granted. However, happiness was not long approached the queen and family. Shortly after birth, the queen died.

Snow White's suffering begins. When his father decided to marry again, the sadness seems to be a part of him. Snow White's stepmother was evil. He who has a magic mirror did not feel like beauty unmatched by anyone, including Snow White. Magic mirror which has always been at his side, the sudden glare, and admire the beauty of Snow White. Was unrivaled, Snow White's stepmother is always presented to her misery.

One day, The Queen, the name of Snow White's stepmother of plotting to kill Snow White in the woods. Knowing this, Snow White was running away. Finally, he arrived in a house in the woods. Snow White's house was found belonged to seven dwarfs. That's what protects the seven dwarfs from Snow White's evil plans of The Queen.

Know the Snow White is still alive, The Queen returned to something. This time, he has a plan that is quite genius. He was disguised as a seller of apples. Apples that have been given poison unknowingly eaten by Snow White. Snow himself was unconscious taksadarkan. Knowing this, the dwarves make efforts to resuscitate her daughter but all failed.

Snow White's dwarves and put in a box until one day there was a handsome prince was walking into the woods. See the beauty of Snow White, the handsome prince falls in love. In the end, that's a successful handsome Pengeran wake Snow White from a long hibernation. They married and the story ends happily.

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