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Senin, 21 Juli 2014


  "Hmm," terllihat a woman writhing on the bed. He changed into a sitting position. He took a deep breath and looked at the large window on the left of his bed. Dark. There is only the moon and stars adorn the night kelamnya. There was the sound of water in contact with the ground on a regular basis. Peaceful and soothing melody. He glanced at the digital clock next to it contained. "Sigh, I wake up at midnight again," he muttered after seeing the show at 02:36 hours. Already a habit the past few days to get up late at night. He does not mind again and started walking towards the window to sit there. Getting rid of the curtains and opened it. Looking at the pouring rain. Also breeze hit her face.

He closed his eyes, trying to enjoy the whole. The memories flashed dibenaknya again. Music. Smile. Dramatic events under the heavy rain. Where all people prefer to take shelter rather than against the cold wind. Tears were fused with rain water. Flowing and falling to the ground. Spoken promise that even he did not know how to implement it.

Sorry and Thank You
9 years ago ...

There were two girls who were eating lunch under a big tree. They are busy chatting and occasionally laughing. The smile always graced the faces of the two girls. The big tree is a silent witness of their familiarity. Bükk !! A ball hit one of the girls.
"Terra, you're not what hurt? Who kick this ball ?!" long-haired girl cried. "I'm not all right, Sher. Relaxed wrote. Least they are not intentionally." responsible person named Terra with a smile. "Yes. Hence if careful play ball dong!" Shera gave a sharp look to a group of boys that before throwing the ball at them. Shera back to sit next to Terra. Have exhausted their stock, but they still want to sit under the tree.
"Um, Ter, if you want to be what you grow up?" asked Shera. His eyes looked cloudy sky as if imagining what he would do when he was an adult.
"I do not know," said Terra is also looking at the sky. "I had never dreamed I would be a singer because I love to sing." Further Terra. "You can sing? Try dong, you're singing! I've never heard of!" Shera said enthusiastically as he stared at Terra.
"Eh? Aku..aku just like to sing. Means my voice is not good." Shera menyerngitkan eyebrows. "It's okay! I just wanted to hear! Mentertawakanmu I will not! I also want to be a famous violinist! Later, when you grow, we duet yes!" Shera invite excited. Terra smiled and nodded slightly. "Promise?" Shera asked as he showed little finger. "Yes. ... I promise," Terra replied while hooking their little finger.

He felt his shoulders swaying by someone and heard the faint sound of the person. "-Ra, Let's wake up. Today was day, ya! Ter .., Terra," Terra menyerngitkan forehead and slowly opened his eyelids. He blinked his eyes a few times and started to stand up from his seat. "Mm, Raysha. What time is it?" Terra asked. "At 7 am! There baths, keeps us straight to the Beethoven Easter Festival." Raysha said, nudging his shoulder Terra again. "Iya..iya," Terra walked slowly to the bathroom.
After wearing a pretty outfit which he deserved, he walked out to meet Raysha being breakfast. "Well, you're pretty enough to wear it," said Raysha are not ditanggap by Terra. They proceed breakfast with silence and a few words from Raysha. "Come on," urged Terra Raysha followed.
Shortly after they arrived at the Royal Palace and the Philharmonic Concert Hall, Beethoven Easter Festival begins. Sounded famous classical songs played by 30 musicians from around the world.
"Ah, Sorry," said Raysha when accidentally nudging people there. "Never mind," replied the man. "Ray, there" Terra speech stopped when he saw who was in close Raysha today. "Oh, Terra. Earlier I accidentally nyenggol this person." Rayshapun ignoring words.

Terra's eyes widened. "Shera?" Terra asked softly. People who are referred to as Shera menyerngitkan eyebrows sign him confused and surprised. "You are from Indonesia?" Ask that person happy. A smile appeared on her beautiful face it. "You ... do not remember me?" Terra asked sadly. "What do you mean I did not recognize you. Could you think I Shera?" asked the man behind. Her face turned sad. Terra looks more and more confused by her words. 'Shera does not he?' His mind. Raysha who do not know anything just quietly watching them both.
"Aku..saudara sister," the man said softly. The new Terra would say something to the girl spoke again. "You must ask him why he did not tell you? Used to our parents divorced. Shera taken care of by our fathers, and I was raised by a mother. Oh yes, I have not mempekenalkan myself. I Sahla," The person who is named Sahla trying to smile. He held out his hand and held by Terra. "Terra," Terra replied briefly. He forced himself to smile.
"Shera ... is dead." and Terra can not help feeling the shock. A few drops of tears that melted past the cheek. He even has not kept his promise to duet with Shera. And he has not apologized to Shera. Memories will be parting with Shera again filled his mind.

6 years ago ...

In the hall of a school looks very crowded these days. Seeds of Hope junior ballroom, where school is Shera Terra and hold events. Farewell gathering at the same graduation class of 29 in the junior Seeds of Hope. All of the parents who came to see her smiling emotion has graduated from junior high school. Terra saw friends of his contemporaries were familiar talk with their parents. To be honest, he was jealous. His parents even prefer to take care of their companies abroad rather than visit the graduation ceremony. Duk .. Someone touched his shoulder hard. He knew it was a habit Shera. He turned and saw Shera looked at him with a sincere smile. "Do not keep looking at them like that. Your parents must have a good reason for it. Rank 4 I hear you contemporary loh ..." Shera selal know how to entertain Terra. He teased Terra constantly embarrasses him.
"All right, guys, we arrive at our next event. Event Talent every class!" And audible cheers and applause from the students. "Ssstt .. Yesterday when you did not enter, our class was told to choose who will attend this talent show. Because no one wants, I propose you as a singer, and they all agree." Shera whispered to Terra. Terra felt his heart pounding groggy and cold sweat dipelipisnya. "A..Apa?" Terra softly. "And then of class 9.3!" exclaimed the host. "Terra! Terra! Terra! Terra! Terra!" menyorakan all students from the class name. No exception Shera. Terra in dirong developed by Shera on stage. He made ​​his way up the stairs to the stage with shaking.
"Well Shera, written here you will be singing. What will you sing?" Asked the host. "Aku..aku..aku will sing ... emm. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!" Terra said doubtfully. "Why did you choose that song?" asked the host again. "Karena..karena .. the song was reminiscent of childhood. So we will not forget our childhood even though they had grown up." Terra said doubt. "Well let's get started! 1! 2! 3!" various musical instruments began to beep. However, Terra never sing. He grabbed the mic tightly. Until berhentipun music he never sang. All stared in wonder at him. Especially Shera. He ventured to speak. "Aku..aku..aku can not!" Terra said sadly. Tears started streaming down her face. "Terra .." muttered Shera. Terra immediately dropped the mic and ran out of the school hall.

Because the music is too loud inside, he did not know that the state's raining outside. In desperation, he broke through heavy rain. "Terra!" someone shouted. Terra stopped and turned around. There Shera walking toward him without bringing an umbrella. Desperate to break through the rain like Terra. "Why, Why do not you show your talent Terra?" rain soaked both. "Karena..aku can not! I can not sing!" Terra said resignedly. "You can sing.
But you would not show it. "Said Shera." From the beginning you want to sing. Your heart says you want to sing. It's just, you're too scared to try it. Too insecure! You're destroying our keparcayaan. Unreliable. "Shera said sharply." From the beginning I did not want to do it! You asked me without asking my consent! I'm ... I'm afraid! Aku..tak bisa..Aku can not do it. "Said Terra." Well ... I can not ... I can not be friends denganmu..Aku can not be friends with a loser! "Shera very last sentence hurt him. cries broke out simultaneously with Shera who stepped away from him. tears were indistinguishable even with rain water. He continued to stand there staring at the gate sekolahannya. Nobody see him again. Nobody. rains that accompany crying only. And the wind that blows as the heart cools Terra.

He blinked his eyes a few times and realized that now he is in his room. "Are you awake?" Raysha asked softly. He nodded weakly and hoped that what had just happened was just a dream. "What was ... I passed out?" Terra asked. Raysha smiled softly and nodded. "Then everything was really happening. What does it say when I fainted?" Raysha looked down for a moment and replied, "Well if you want to know. Sahla said Shera died 6 years ago." Terra's eyes widened again. Mean ... "He died the day after graduation. He wants to give you a letter as a sign of apology., But he would prefer to save a little boy who was in the middle of the highway. He wants to give it to you," Raysha menyodokan white envelope has been matted and somewhat dirty.
'Hi, Terra. I know what I said yesterday is too excessive. I just want to raise your self-esteem. I was wrong. I should have asked for your opinion before acting. I've heard your voice on the recording of your HP. Great voice, Terra! Very nice! Why do not you just sing anyway.

You know, all the students in our class feel guilty tablets, with you! I hope you will forgive them and also me. I accidentally said my apology through this letter because I was embarrassed to see his deep happened yesterday. I feel unworthy of forgiveness. Hehehe ... I'm sorry and the other yes? :) '

Terra shed tears in silence. Inaudible sobs. 'Suppose you know Shera, I've already forgiven even I thank you. After that incident, I changed into a girl brave and confident. Thank ya ... I also apologize for once not reliable and have made ​​you ashamed. You know ... now that I've become a famous singer and one another. I'm sorry I can not promise we Implemen .. 'And Terra sincere smile. The first genuine smile this time he gave.

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