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Senin, 21 Juli 2014


Cerpen Persahabatan   Since that meeting, Rere and Devan started friends. they met accidentally try to be familiar with each other, understand each other and live a meaningful day. Pesahabatan with such close proximity that makes them increasingly recognize the importance of this relationship.

Shortly thereafter, Rere should go away. Indeed, my heart is very heavy for this, but what can not be helped. Last meeting took place very sentimental, playful look that began to vanish wrapped with deep sorrow.

Rere: "Van forgive me for all the mistakes I've ever done, yes." When I said he was standing right in front of me.

"You do not ever one Rere, all that you've done for me was more than enough." Said Devan

Rere: "pleace, please do not forget it I, Van"

Devan: "ok, you do not have to worry." Just then my car drove slowly leave the sweet creature.

I see from where I sit in the sting was lost. If later we reunited I want to devote all her Rinduku flavor. It was a promise that I will always remember. Last sweet voice that gives me hope.

Initially their friendship went smoothly, although they have be distant residence. At one point, the mother rere asked about his new friend.

"Who the hell makes you so unhappy creature, Rere?" Asked the mother while being engrossed rere chatingan with Devan.

Rere: "This, ma. His name is Devan. We met yesterday during the long vacation. "

"What handsome sich to make a mama's boy so like this?" Says his mother

Rere: "also does not know ma, deh certainly cool, but do not papah right, Ma I'm friends with him.?"

"What do you mean talking like that?"

Rere: "Our different religions, Ma"

"Hah ??," mama moment Rere surprised to hear the story. But he tried to cover up the taste resahnya. Rere know exactly what is in the mind of her mother, she certainly was not approving of this tangle. But Rere try to give a clear reason to it.

The day after that conversation, I have encountered no more be heard of Devan, Rere had time to think of what he knows of this problem,,? I try to start a conversation via SMS ..

"Ya do not have long to meet? How nech reportedly,,? "

The message was directed to him, Rere really remember when the receiving report. My hours waiting for a reply from him. But I do not see my hp rang up Rere asleep in him. I never thought Devan did not reply to SMS her again.

I never thought turns my mama always looking appearance that is increasingly withered. said RERE

"Rere, sorry mama yes, but you should know this. Stay away from the boy, do not you ladeni again. "Mama's voice when it's really a surprise rere. rere tried to capture its meaning. But really bitter taste.

"What mean mama?" Said rere

Mom: "You should really be friends with him, but you must remember mama message. Keep your distance, do not get too close. Mama afraid you will be disappointed. "

rere: "mama say fuck paan,? I further do not understand. "

mama: "one day you will understand speech mama" mamapun leave me alone .. I'm trying to think tenteng words. When I knew this life was shocked at her .. do not feel tangispun rampant and streamed down my cheeks. Mama completely different religions and we should not unite like this. but I remember the memories of when we were together.

One year has passed, a shadow of it is still unclear at haitku teikat. I can not forget it. Maybe someday realize how valuable the devan rere nutuknya.

One hope of his heart is to see him and begged the reason why he went from life as soon as it is without telling mistake to make rere rere hurt.

Rere regret ever meeting. But rere devan realize how meaningful in his life. Laughter living history was still visible on his mind and will always be remembered in the life story rere seasoning.

Devan, you are my best friend proud. I'm waiting for your stories again. At any given time I will faithfully wait. Until you come back again undergo our stories berdua.kata rere


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