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Minggu, 20 Juli 2014

Four Gang

Gang of Four is Adi, Rani, Tomi, Indra. There should be an exciting adventure.
Send this about the adventures of four gangs occurred during the school holidays.

This adventure started when we plan for the school holidays adventure to fill the school holidays, sunny morning arrived Adi, Tom and Rani to go
. Travel time starts on the way
Rani: Please Adi ......
Adi: Do you put the hurt ????
Rani: I think I injured leg ..
Adi: I treat here soon

Tomi and Adi said Indra proceeded to the red peak, where they would stay the night. Adi promised that he, Indra will follow there. Then they went to the top of the red. Unfortunately, it was dark and raining. They almost got lost, but eventually they find a house they thought the red peak. Indra sleep at home, but Tom had to sleep outside the house because the owner of the old lady does not allow two people to sleep in the house. When Tomi almost asleep, suddenly heard a voice calling her name outside the window. When Tom approached, the man was a strange and creepy man seemed then threw a small paper with text and images are not clear. Tomi confused and fell asleep again. Not long after, someone broke into the warehouse. Looks like he was waiting for someone. The next morning, Tom met with young homeowners. The man then drove Tomi. Indra's Tomi and finally out of the house.

Along the way, they met a boy and asked him about the house. Apparently, the house was not the highlight of the Red, but the home pack and his son muttered. If they want the top of the red, they have to pass through two river Once there, they meet with Adi and Rani, Rani has been recovered. Tomi and his experience last night. They tell people to give a message to Adi is a convict who escaped, because last night there was an escaped convict. They plan to report to the police station in the village Rancow. Unfortunately, when they reported to the police do not believe their reports and said that the prisoner had been arrested again. Four Famous annoyed expression and then go to the unfriendly attitude of the police.
Once there, they live in the cellar of a house that had been burned. When morning comes, they come back to this trip. They estimate that there are treasures in it.
The next storyline was predictable. Gang of Four finally find the treasure. Certainly not easy to find a lot of obstacles to get the treasure. Four Gang then went to the police station and told him everything. Property immediately returned to its owner, the Queen Vanilie
This story about heroism, courage, trust, friendship, ingenuity and determination in this story .

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