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Senin, 04 Agustus 2014

Good Friends

Rita Sekar Ayu is a 5 th grader. He has a friend and friend named Santi. Rita and Santi friends since they were in grade 2 They are very familiar, to the extent that they are mistaken courtship by classmates.
             But, when this first semester report cards acceptance, Rita Santi gets jealous with rank far above it. "Uh, why do always Santi is upon me, and I've already learned in earnest to get better value from it." Rita muttered as he took the report card given by the Master. "Do not upset the children, you can still increase your value in the next semester." Said Mrs. Rita Rosmia homeroom disappointed when he saw several of his students.
             When after receipt of report cards, Santi invited Rita to go to his house. "Rita, go to my house, yuk. My mother had made ​​a very tasty chicken soup for me. "Invite Santi. "I can not. Because, the plan after receipt of report cards, my family and I went straight to my grandmother home for the holidays. "Said Rita lied. She's still very upset with Santi. "Come on, then. Well I'm going home. "Santi said, waving his hand.
             At home, Rita came to face sluggish and disappointed. "Why, mama's boy lethargic face really does? You got rank how dear? "Mama Rita asked as he sat next to his son. "Rank 3, Ma." Said Rita disappointed. "You raise your rating, dear. How did you even disappointed so? "Asked Mama Rita again. "... I was disappointed because Huufff Santi gets rank 1, Ma." Rita replied, looking down. "Loh, rather than you love your best friend gets a rating of 1?" Mama Rita asked surprised. "But, Ma. Rita Santi always ranked above since 1st class And never ranked above Rita Santi. Rita jealous, Ma with Santi. "Said Rita. "Hem, dear. As a good friend, we should not be jealous of our friends. Instead, we should be happy if we are happy to see friends. Instead of jealous. "Mama Rita said, stroking his beloved child's hair. Rita then stunned to hear the words of her mother.
             Later that night, Rita lying on a soft mattress while looking at the ceiling. Mama's words this afternoon still echoing its clear minds. "Sure enough she said. As a good friend, we must also happy to see our friends happy. Instead of jealous and envious of the success of our friend. "Said Rita in the liver. Rita wants to be a friend and a good friend. He then took his mobile and send an sms to Santi. "Congratulations Santi well, you've got the first rank in the class. I am very happy with the success. ". A few moments later, Rita got a reply sms from Santi. He hastily opened. "Thank you, Rita well. You are indeed a good friend. ". The words of the text that makes Rita Santi smile and now he has promised to be a good friend and companion.

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