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Senin, 29 September 2014

Hello Kitty

  Hello Kitty is an international brand or a doll-shaped trinkets cute white cat, Hello Kitty is also the name of the name of the doll itself. Hello Kitty doll has spread to almost all over the world and well-liked by children and even adults in various countries. The shape is cute and adorable face is the main attraction for these dolls. However, according to urban legend circulating Hello Kitty has another goal in the making, a dark and evil history.

According to legend, Hello Kitty was created by a woman bleed China in 1970 when his daughter was 14 years old was diagnosed with oral cancer by doctors at the hospital in town. The doctors there have told him, that his daughter has not found a cure disease and nothing can be done anymore.

The mother of this girl refused to give up and decide to visit every church in the city to pray for her healing. But the effort was not being successful, the mother came at the end of his hope. He became confused and discouraged, was finally brought despair involved with rituals and devil worship. According to him if wants her daughter survived, the only way is to do a deal with the Devil.

To heal her daughter, Satan asked for something in return. The mother had to create a character that should be able to attract the attention of children around the world. The devil wants to use the popularity of cartoon characters to attract them into the worship of the devil.

When her daughter was finally cured of his cancer, the mother was keeping his promise. He made ​​a Hello Kitty. In accordance with its shape, Hello Kitty has no mouth depicted as it reminded him of his daughter who never suffered from oral cancer. The word 'Kitty' also means 'devil' in Chinese, so Hello Kitty can mean 'Hello Devil'.

After that, anyone who bought Hello Kitty trinkets meant to welcome the devil to come into his heart. Now, the Satanists around the world wear Hello Kitty as a secret symbol and some of them even using Hello Kitty tattoo on his body. Satanists do that to define him as 'Devil Girl Child'.

Of course, all of that is just an urban myth. Because Hello Kitty was created by Japanese company called Sanrio, which is specially made ​​cartoon characters. Hello Kitty is actually made ​​for jewelry from a purse or wallet. And also, Kitty does not mean 'the devil' in Chinese.

Hello Kitty creator does not make your mouth on the character because they deliberately wanted to make an ambiguous expression. Empty expression that means you yourself can imagine the expression of the character Hello Kitty. If you're sad, you can feel Hello Kitty too sad. Conversely, if happy, you can describe the expression of happiness on Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty looks can remove the emotion that you feel.

So the real truth about Hello Kitty no relationship with rituals and devil worship. Urban legend that there is a myth that developed without a clear purpose.

But in 1999, in Hong Kong once in instant hit by the events of a brutal murder that eventually called the 'Hello Kitty Killer' or 'Murder Hello Kitty'. The name was there because some of the facts contained in the murder case. A group of young men ever caught torturing and killing a waitress at one of their apartments. After the killing, the victim's body mutilated and his head hidden in a Hello Kitty doll.

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