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Kamis, 18 September 2014

Robert The Doll


It calls for a doll the size of a small child. This doll is very well known, not because of his cuteness. However, this doll is best known for his horror stories.
The story begins, in 1904, when a boy named Robert Eugene Otto, received a doll from someone, who according to legend, was skilled in black magic or voodoo. People are happy family Otto. That's why these people provide child-sized doll for robert. Soon things changed when the doll is already in the hands of robert. Robert began naming these dolls with their own name (Robert) that he himself did not change his name to Gene. 

Gene's parents said they often heard Gene talking to her doll, and the doll also seems to speak to him. Although at first they thought that Gene himself only answer with a different voice, but then they believe that the doll was actually speaking.
Many neighbors who claim that they have seen the doll move out of the window when the Otto family was not at home. Otto family swore also, that they often hear laughter frightening, and often catch a glimpse of someone walking from room to room. In the evenings, Gene would cry because of fear, and when his parents ran to the room genes. They found the furniture in the room is messy Gene, Gene, and in bed with a cry of fear, and scream "Robert Do !!"
When Gene died in 1974, the doll behind in the attic of the former family home of Otto, until the house was bought again. The new family includes a ten-year girl, who became Robert's new owner. Before long, every night, the girl continued to cry for fear, and said that Robert move around the room, and even tried to attack him on several occasions. More than thirty years later, the girl (adult) still tells interviewers that the doll was alive and wanted to kill him.
Today, the doll in the East Martello Museum, florida. According to the story, if anyone wants to take a picture of Robert, one must ask politely. If Robert shook his head moves, meaning not allowed to take this picture. If violated. Robert will soon condemn people and families.

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